Why is Pro Pac Different to Other Dog Foods?

“I thought my dog was healthy and looking good… until I started feeding Pro Pac.”









This is the reaction we hear all the time from pet owners who have moved their dog onto Pro Pac food.

  • coats become much shinier and softer
  • skin problems, rashes, redness and allergies all disappear
  • that offensive ‘doggy smell’ goes
  • stools are smaller and firmer
  • dogs develop greater agility (especially older dogs)
  • weight becomes normalised and easier to control.
  • dogs develop a calmer, happier nature

So what is it that causes such an improvement in so many dogs? What is Pro Pac’s “secret” that has made it one of the fastest growing pet foods in history, without a huge marketing and promotion budget?

It comes down to one word: ingredients.

The things you feed your dog are going to have a far greater impact on its health than anything else. The healthier the ingredients of what it eats, the healthier the dog. And the happier too!

The quality of Pro Pac – and the effect on dogs – is becoming more and more recognised around the world. In fact, several other pet companies, including Hill’s Science Diet and Eukanuba, have recently changed their formulas to be more in line with Pro Pac which highlights even more the leadership Pro Pac has shown in dog nutrition.

Here are just some of the features of Pro Pac that contribute to its superior health benefits:

  • High meat concentration. Pro Pac has as much as four times the amount of meat in Pro Pac as other vet and pet shop ‘super premium’ brands.
  • No by-products. By products are all the parts of an animal left after the meat has been removed. Deemed ‘unfit for human consumption’ they are commonly added because of their cheap cost. Pro Pac refuses to use any by-products. “If it’s not good enough for humans, it’s not good enough for our pets” is the Pro Pac philosophy.
  • Corn or rice as the carbohydrate energy source. Research has shown corn to be possibly the best energy source for dogs and in the form used in Pro Pac is 99% digestible. It’s one of the main reasons dogs on Pro Pac have smaller, firmer stools, have more stable energy and have a softer and glossier coat that stands out from other dogs.
  • No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Pro Pac is made from totally natural ingredients and because there is such a high concentration of real meat there is no need to bolster the food with flavourings to get the dog to eat it (this is very common amongst low grade foods).

The most common reaction we have from owners who try Pro Pac with their dogs is,

“I wish I’d put my dog onto Pro Pac earlier. I would not have believed what a difference a food could make.”

To see the benefits of Pro Pac with your dog, order from Petfood Direct at www.petfooddirect.co.nz or call toll free on 0800 DOG FOOD. You will certainly notice the Pro Pac difference.