Where to Find the Best Dog Food Reviews on the Internet

If you’re looking for the best food for your dog or puppy it’s a good idea to check out what others are saying. Here are some of the best sites with dog food reviews.

Finding the most suitable dog or puppy food for your own particular pet can be a difficult task. There is a huge variety of foods available from supermarkets, pet stores and vets. All of them of course claim that theirs is the best! Adding to the confusion are advertisements showing healthy dogs loving to eat their food, with the a claiming that this is the result you will get of you feed your dog that food.

When choosing a dog food many people use price as an indicator of quality. In fact, this is not necessarily a good measure of quality at all; many companies (particularly the large ones) have huge marketing costs and these have to be built into the price you pay. After all, the advertisements on television or in magazines – and even the signs at the vet clinic – all have to be paid for from the sales of the food (this is one reason smaller pet food companies can often offer better value, even if they are not so well known).

You could also try to look at the ingredients, but this is not as straightforward as it seems. Many ingredients on dog food labels are confusing and difficult to understand. There is a high degree of leeway in the marketing of dog foods (and other pet foods). For instance, did you know that if a food says “with” a certain ingredient (for instance “with real chicken”) then by law it only needs to contain a minimum of 3% of that ingredient? The rest of the food may well be filled up with low quality cereals and by products which do little for the health of the dog.

Another alternative which many people use is to ask a salesperson at their local pet shop or vet clinic. However, they may not know much either; after all, they usually want to sell you the products they have without having done a lot of independent research into dog or puppy nutrition.

Fortunately, with the internet, there is a solution: dog food reviews. There are now a number of websites which review dog and puppy foods. A word of caution, however: it is very important to only take the word of independent dog food reviews that look at the food based on the ingredients. That is why the websites of a particular dog food manufacturer are not usually a good guide, unless you can find the ingredients and understand them yourself to make up your own mind.

Here are two websites with independent dog food reviews that are excellent:


This dog food review website not only reviews products by brand, but they also have a lot of other useful information about dog food that pet owners would find very helpful. There is also the opportunity to post questions and comments.


This is another website of dog food reviews. Like DogFoodAdvisor above, it uses a star rating system to grade the foods by quality.


Although not a site with actual review of dog food brands, this is a very informative website that goes into a lot of detail about what really is in dog foods and the effects on animals. If you are wanting to learn more about dog food ingredients and overall nutrition this is highly recommended.

Fortunately, the internet now provides a way to navigate through the confusing world of dog food and find the right one for your dog or puppy. Dog food review websites such as those above provide excellent – and independent – advice.

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