Vets and the Future of Petfood

For the last 25 years Midwestern Petfoods (producers of Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic) have been at the forefront of pet food development and research. The quality of their foods has made them one of the fastest-growing pet food companies in history with their foods now selling in nearly 80 countries around the world.

They’re also one of the few companies that has been successfully able to break the cartel between the large manufacturers and vets (which has meant that lower quality foods have been able to be sold at very high prices). And now, with the internet, people are waking up even further and becoming better informed about the best choice of food for their pet.

The power of vets and pet shops to promote inferior brands is continuing to decline. And more and more people are learning about Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic and the quality and value they offer.

Recently Pet Worldwide magazine interviewed the International Director of Midwestern Petfoods and he has some interesting things to say about the future of pet foods and how it’s going to affect you as a dog or cat owner.

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