Underweight Bulldog thrives on Pro Pac: Gains 2kg in 10 days

We are currently undertaking a project in conjunction with one of the country’s top dog breeders to measure the effects of Pro Pac on an undernourished dog.
One of the country’s leading British bulldog breeders recently acquired a dog that had had trouble keeping weight and condition, despite being fed a quality brand of food.
Here is Blossom as she was ten days ago:
The latest news in (received today) is:
“Well good news on the bulldog as she has gained 2kilo’s already and is already looking noticably better both in body and coat.
She is eating a combination of both puppy and adult formula and being fed 4 times a day.
The physical and mental results in her are nothing short of wonderful.
We were in a mind that it would take many months to bring her back to physical health but we now see that with the progress she is making she will be back in full health within 2-3 months.”
She further had this to say:
“I can’t speak highly enough about Pro Pac. I have tried virtually every other brand on the market but with the results I’m getting with Pro Pac I simply couldn’t have hoped for better. It does a lot more than what it says it does which is the opposite of what usually happens. I am simply amazed”.
We get many reports from dog and cat owners seeing a noticeable difference in their pet which is truly heartening.
We’ll keep you posted on how Blossom develops.

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