Two problems virtually ALL dog owners face….

dog on scaleThere are two problems that we come across all the time. What most dog owners don’t realise is that these are problems affecting all dogs, and owners need to be vigilant constantly against them. Recently we came across some information that we think you will find valuable to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy:

Problem #1: Obesity

This is so widespread that an overweight dog now seems to be regarded as “normal”. In fact, from what we see, most owners don’t really know what the best weight is for their dog.

Here is a great article which discussed the problem (it’s about labradors, but applies to all dogs):

Tackling the canine obesity crisis

Also check this out on our own website:

Body Condition Score Assessment of Dogs

Nothing is going to shorten your dog’s life more than being obese, so managing its weight is very important.

Problem #2: Allergies

We were recently contacted by a customer who spent more than $3000 on vet bills, trying to find out why their dog was suffering from acute diarrhea. No-one could find the answer.

They then changed their dog’s food, from a chicken to a lamb formula (Pro Pac Ultimates).

The diarrhea stopped virtually immediately….

If you are noticing any health issues with your dog, what you are feeding is almost certainly a major factor. Stick with or change to a quality food (even try a different formula) and see what a difference it makes. Something as simple as this is very often all that it takes.

Pro Pac Ultimates and Earthborn Holistic are two ideal foods that help to eliminate both of these common dog problems. We’ve seen amazing changes in dogs when they have started eating these two natural, holistic foods.

If you see other dogs with problems such as the above, mention our food to their owners!

And if you need more supplies for your own dog, order through our website here:

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Thank you for your support and let’s all work to keeping our dogs happy and healthy.