The Five Most Common Questions About Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic

dogfoodquestionWe get lots of enquiries about our foods and five questions seem to come up all the time. Here they are, with the answers to each.

Which is better for my dogĀ  – Pro Pac or Earthborn Holistic?

The answer to this really depends on two things: how well the individual dog does on the food and your own personal preference. The main difference in the actual foods is that Earthborn Holistic Grain Free uses no grains whereas Pro Pac uses corn or rice in their formulas. In practice, we have seen some dogs do better on Pro Pac and others do better on Earthborn Holistic.

You can rest assured though that both are ideal foods offering a complete and healthy diet for dogs. Neither contain any by-products, wheat, cheap fillers, artificial additives or genetically modified ingredients. They are amongst the purest foods on the market today.

Why is Pro Pac cheaper than other similar foods when you claim that it is higher quality?

Although Pro Pac uses higher-quality ingredients than most other super premium foods you would find at a vet or pet shop, we can offer it to you for significantly lower prices for two main reasons:

Firstly, Pro Pac is made by an independent company that has made a deliberate policy to put their efforts into quality of the food rather than marketing. It is one of the fastest-growing pet food brands in the world and most of the marketing is done by word of mouth, rather than spending money on advertising (which gets passed on to the customer of course).

Secondly, here in New Zealand we the importer sell it direct to you, thus avoiding a retailers margin. That’s why we can sell it to you at a lower price and also offer free delivery throughout the country.

What is the difference between chicken and chicken meal and which is better?

Both are pure chicken meat, and therefore the best part of the animal to put in the food. However, chicken meal has already been dehydrated (had the water removed) before processing. When the food is dried during processing, ‘chicken’ will lose up to 80% of its volume as water. Because this has already been done before processing with chicken meal, you end up with a much higher amount of actual meat in the final product.

This can appear confusing, but suffice to say, there is more than 400% more actual chicken in the food when it is labelled as ‘chicken meal’ than simply ‘chicken.

Pro Pac formulas are all based on chicken meal. It’s one of the reasons why dogs do so well on it and love the taste. There is a much higher meat content than most foods on the market.

Is Pro Pac ok for allergy-prone dogs?

Every Pro Pac formula is designed to by hypo-allergenic, even if they don’t say so on the label. That’s because none of them contain any of the common ingredients which cause allergies, such as beef, wheat and artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives.

Occasionally dogs are allergic to chicken or corn. If that is the case with your dog, use the Pro Pac lamb and rice. Alternatively try Earthborn Holistic Grain Free which again has no common allergy-causing ingredients.

Can Pro Pac or Earthborn Holistic be used in place of breed-specific or vet prescription formulas?

We are not vets and therefore are not qualified to give veterinary advice. In saying that, there is a degree of truth in the statement that many breed-specific and ‘special’ foods carry an element of marketing spin with them.

Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic have been formulated as being complete formulas for all breeds and life stages of dogs, backed up with meticulous research (the company’s scientists are amongst the most respected in the industry).

Vets in many countries around the world are recommending Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic too.

The most important thing, though, at the end of the day, is to look at the ingredients of the food you are using – and you can’t do better than Pro Pac or Earthborn Holistic.

Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic are sold exclusively in New Zealand by Petfood Direct. For more information visit their website or call 0800 DOG FOOD (0800 364 366)

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