Thank You and a Free Gift

It is two years ago this week that we first began to import Pro Pac into New Zealand!

When we first discovered Pro Pac and saw that it was the fastest growing petfood in the world and offered better quality and value than any other brand on the market we thought it would be a great product to offer local dog and cat owners. We were also surprised that it was not already available here given that:

  • Pro Pac is sold in 75 countries around the world
  • Pro Pac has been growing world wide at an average rate of 22% per year over the last fifteen years
  • Pro Pac has a deliberate policy of competing with the large brands by offering a higher grade of ingredients than most of the brands you buy at a pet shop or vet, yet at a much lower price

We knew it was a winner, yet we weren’t prepared for the politics of the pet industry here where lower grade foods are sold at high prices with large marketing costs built in.

When we originally approached the vets and pet shops we were amazed at the reaction:

One vet told us, “I can see Pro Pac is a better brand than anything I’m selling and at a better price, but (nameless) brand has paid for all my signwriting and they would be upset if I started selling yours.”

A pet shop owner said, “If you want me to sell Pro Pac you’ll have to take me out to dinner like all the other companies do.”

…and this isn’t the half of it…

This, combined with the surprising ignorance by vets and pet shop staff of the ingredients of what they are selling meant that we decided to go direct to you the customer by establishing Petfood Direct. (In saying that we do have two retailers who stock Pro Pac and are very enthusiastic, Orewa Vet and Mitre 10 Mega Albany)

It has worked extremely well and Pro Pac is growing massively here. And every week we get reports of how well dogs and cats are doing, and finally getting rid of such problems as scratching, itching, excess weight and other issues which simply shouldn’t be there and which can all be traced back to to the food.

So we just want to say “We hope you will try Pro Pac – if you haven’t already!” If you’re willing to look beyond the big brand hype and buy something where the ingredients speak for themselves in delivering the best possible nutrition for your pet, we are sure you won’t be dissapointed.

We also have a Special Offer for you…

Buy any 15kg bag of Pro Pac and receive a FREE Pro Pac backpack valued at $24 (this is what they look like:

We only have 25 of these to give away so be quick! Limit of 1 backpack per customer.