Springtime Problems for Dogs

We commonly get asked the question: “If my dog has skin problems and is scratching a lot, does he have an allergy?”

In fact, scratching, hair loss, licking paws, skin problems and ear infections are all common symptoms of an allergic reaction.

The problem is in diagnosing the source of the allergy. There are essentially two sources of the problem:

  1. environmental factors: pollen, insect bites, fleas or mites and even household fabrics
  2. something in the food.

The most common foods that cause allergies are beef, wheat, soy and dairy products and anything artificial such as flavorings or colorings.

Fortunately, NO Pro Pac formulas contain any of these ingredients. And although there are a couple of “sensitive” formulas in the range, the truth is that any Pro Pac formula is more hypo-allergenic than most other “sensitive” formulas by other brands.

If you have any allergy symptoms in your dog and you’re not feeding it exclusively Pro Pac, look at what else might be in your dogs diet. Even food scraps or the odd other biscuit could well be enough to set off an allergic reaction.

And if you are having any specific issues you are always welcome to email or phone us for advice. We’re here to help!

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