Problems with your dog not coming when called?

A pretty common issue with dog owners is struggling to get their dog to come when called. Do you have that problem, at least sometimes?

Actually, it’s not that difficult to sort out, once you understand what’s going on in your dog’s head.

The real issue is that most people only call their dog when they want it do something THEY want, rather than what the dog wants. For instance, you call your dog because you want to tie it up, put it in the car, lock it inside – in general to stop what it is doing (which might be having fun) and doing something they don’t want to do. Pretty soon the dog associates coming to you with a lack of pleasure.

When you realise that, then all you have to do is to get your dog thinking that coming to you is pleasurable. So start calling it for no other reason than to reward it, with a pat, a cuddle or a treat (a few kibbles of Pro Pac makes a great treat).

Do this a few times. It won’t take long before your dog gets the message that it’s going to get rewarded for coming to you, not just ‘punished’.

We tried this recently with a dog we were looking after and it worked a ‘treat’.

Try it!

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