Pro Pac is cheaper than supermarket foods?

We’ve recently made some big changes to the main page of our website. In particular we’ve included some important information about pet food (and Pro Pac) that you might find very interesting.

In researching other dog food brands we also discovered something very interesting. Apart from the vastly superior ingredients in Pro Pac (which means you will probably end up with a different dog with minimal if any health problems) Pro Pac actually works out cheaper than most of the supermarket brands (such as Beneful).

We have compared the energy levels of each food and you’ll see that to provide the same amount of energy (kilocalories) with Pro Pac you can feed a LOT less. So a bag goes a LOT further.

Check out the comparison chart on our website (about halfway down the page).

The warehouse is now back in full swing so if you are needing more Pro Pac supplies remember you can order online at or give us a call anytime (24/7) tollfree on 0800 364 366. We normally get the order on the courier to you on the same day.