New Stock Arriving Shortly

Due to a delay in our shipment from the US we have been out of stock of a few lines. However, the good news is they will be back in stock in the next few days. Coming back into stock will be:

  • Adult Chunk 7.5kg
  • Adult Mini Chunk 15kg
  • Senior 7.5kg and 15kg
  • Lamb and Rice 3kg
  • Low Fat 7.5kg

We’ve also added Adult Mini Chunk 7.5kg

All other formulas remain in good supply.

If you’ve been waiting for these, thanks for your patience. Our Pro Pac sales are continuing to grow at a rapid rate. This, combined with the boat being delayed, has led to a temporary supply shortage.

Any of the above formulas can be ordered now and they will be sent out early next week. Of course the other formulas are all available now.

To order please either call us on 0800 364 366 or order directly from the website at

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