How to Slash Your Biggest Cost as a Dog or Cat Owner

Do you know what the biggest expense is for the average dog or cat owner? You might think it is food – but it’s actually vet bills. According to the American Pet Products Association, a typical pet owner will spend nearly three times more on going to the vet than they will on the food they feed. The figures here in New Zealand probably aren’t too different.

What is ironic is that many owners try to save money on pet food, without realizing the effect of the food on the pet’s health. Not only do supermarket foods (and those with filler ingredients) actually cost more because the amount you feed will be so much greater than a quality food, but the harmful ingredients of low-grade foods contribute directly to more visits to the vet.

No wonder leading veterinarian and author Dr Michael W Fox said, “It has taken me 20 years as a veterinary doctor to realize that 90% of health problems in dogs are due to their food.”

You only need to see how many “farm dogs” there around the country that have been fed bulk food all their lives that end up obese and with bad joints to know this is true.

So if you really want to save some money, buy a better food. Your dog or cat is going to be a lot healthier – and happier. Pro Pac combines only quality ingredients that provide real nutrition and optimum health for dogs and cats. There are no cheap fillers, by products or low quality meat sources. If you’re already usage Pro Pac I’m sure you’ll be seeing the difference.