Don’t Make this Common Mistake When Feeding Your Dog

doglostappetiteMany dog owners leave food in their dog’s bowl for it to eat whenever it likes. However, this is not a good idea, for you or your dog. In fact, it is bound to cause a lot of problems.
If you are in the habit of leaving your dog to ‘graze’ on its food bowl whenever it feels like it, be aware that it is sending the wrong messages to your dog. Doing this actually lessens the value of the food to the dog. This can create fussiness or it not being particularly interested in its food. In addition to this, a few kibbles of food can make a good treat to use in training or as a reward. If the dog is used to being able to eat food whenever it feels like it, it is not going to regard the food as special or worth working for.

The best way to feed a dog is to have two meal times a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Try to keep to the same time each day if possible. Put the food bowl on the floor of fifteen minutes. If the dog has not eaten the food by then, remove the bowl until the next meal time. This teaches your dog that the food is important, meal times are special, and that if it does not eat there will be no more until the next meal time.
By following this simple routine you teach your dog the right attitude towards its food. It greatly reduces any tendency to be fussy (which dogs naturally are not) and that you expect it to eat the food provided when it is made available. It is an expectation that will make life easier for both of you!
Also ensure you feed a high-quality food such as Pro Pac or Earthborn Holistic. This is the only way to ensure your dog gets all the nutrition it needs for healthy development. Just as with human food, there are ‘junk foods’ for dogs and feeding them will create the same health problems you would expect to develop in humans.
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