Dog Food Linked to Illness in Humans

The latest instance of contaminated pet food has created an even more unwelcome side effect. It appears that some humans in contact with this food have developed salmonella illness, with five people even being hospitalized.

Diamond Pet Foods in the US has recalled some of its products due to contamination with salmonella. It seems all of the problems have been linked to one manufacturing plant in South Carolina in the US. Some brands have been withdrawn for sale and others are undergoing testing to see if they too represent any health risks.

Food recalls and contaminated foods are an ongoing issue for the petfood industry. Virtually every major company and brand (with one notable exception) has recalled their foods due health issues. Usually the problem is discovered only after animals have become ill (and in many cases actually died), which is not good news for pet owners.

So how can you be sure the food you feed is safe?

One of the best ways is to feed a food that is guaranteed not to contain any Asian ingredients. Most of the big companies source ingredients from Asian countries because they are much cheaper. However the quality controls in that part of the world are often simply not there and Asian ingredients are the number one cause of contaminated foods.

Very few companies will guarantee that they don’t source ingredients from Asia and will often reply to the question with a vague reply along the lines of “We get our ingredients from the best sources possible.” It may be best for the company (i.e. lowest cost) but it won’t necessarily be so for the pet.

There is one company that guarantees none of their ingredients come from Asia, and that is a major reason why they are one of the tiny few that have never had a food recall or problems with contamination- and that’s in 25 years of production!

That company is Pro Pac. All of the their ingredients are only sourced from the US (apart from lamb which is brought from Australia or New Zealand). Their foods also do not contain any genetically-modified ingredients, another sign of high quality.

Pro Pac spends more to ensure quality ingredients. The result is one of the safest foods on the market and one you can be confident buying for your dog.