Dog Barking, Jumping, Not Eating or Other Problems?

A while ago we told our customers about an NZ website that shows you how to deal with any problems you might be having with your dog including

  • excessive barking
  • disobedience
  • pulling on the leash
  • not coming back when called
  • jumping up

We got such great feedback from people about the site that we were reminded that everyone with a dog should take a look.

It’s called the Online Dog Trainer with none other than NZ’s own Doggy Dan. He has a website with over 100 videos on every issue you could possibly have with training your dog.

You can see very clearly from the videos what to do and his methods are simple and very effective.

The best part is that he has a special offer where you get access for 7 days for only $1.

It’s well worth checking out for $1 to pick up great ideas on improving your dog’s behavior from Dan, who is regarded as the best dog trainer in the country.

Anyway, we strongly recommend you check it out. Just click here to visit his site.

Have a great week and stay warm….

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