Big Happenings in Petfood

searchThe world of pet food is a fast changing one. With new products coming onto the market all the time it can be hard to keep up with finding the best food to feed your dog or cat. However, in the face of this, a couple of clear trends are emerging.

Firstly, the internet is having an increasing influence. This is in two areas. There are now more companies selling online direct to the customer and providing home delivery. Secondly, however, the internet is the place where people go to do their research. Online sources (such as are proving to be far more informed and independent than the average vet or pet shop assistant in showing people just what the good foods are and why. Vets and pet shop staff are given very little (if any) nutritional training and tend to be influenced solely by their relationship with the companies whose products they sell.

The second big trend is that the big companies are losing market share to smaller, more innovative companies. Without big marketing budgets, smaller companies tend to put more effort into the quality of their ingredients and use that as their selling point. They can also often afford to sell their foods at a lower price and therefore offer both better value and quality.

Petfood Direct is at the forefront of both of these trends:

  • Buying direct from us you get your pet food delivered direct to your door, freight free throughout New Zealand.
  • Our feature foods, Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free and Pro Pac dog foods are both independently rated as amongst the best quality foods on the market., the world’s leading online dogfood reviewer, rates them much higher in quality than brands such as Eukanuba, Hill’s Science, Nutro, Royal Canin or Pro Plan.
  • Rather than being more expensive than other foods, Earthborn Holistic and Pro Pac are up to 30% cheaper. We don’t need to buy expensive advertising or subsidise retailers to promote these products. Word of mouth is spreading the message about these foods so we can pass the savings on to you.
  • Pro Pac and Earthborn Holistic are growing at a phenomenal rate around the world and are currently sold in 76 countries.
  • Pro Pac has increased its sales worldwide on an average of 22% per year – for the last decade!
  • Worldwide sales of Earthborn Holistic more than doubled in the last 12 months.

More and more people around New Zealand are discovering the dramatic difference that these foods make to the health of their dog.

The best foods for your dog at a lower price. It’s a winning formula that is part of a worldwide trend.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free and Pro Pac are available in New Zealand from Petfood Direct. For more information and to order visit or call 0800 364 366