All-Natural, Holistic Food For Pets: What is Pro Pac Ultimates?

PPUltimates_ProductLineup_WebAs you will know, last year Pro Pac completely updated their range of formulas and created a new line altogether called “Ultimates”.

We are often asked “Why the change? The old formulas were great, so why not stick with them?”.

The truth is that Pro Pac are continually researching what is best for dogs and cats and found that there were ways they could make the food much better, healthier and more natural for pets. The result is a longer, healthier, happier life for our beloved pet, which is of course what we all want.

Essentially they removed corn from all formulas, adding instead the much “softer” rice, while also adding fruits, vegetables and natural supplements.

The result is a food that is more natural (holistic), easy to digest, and packed with more nutrients that ensure the best possible health and vitality.

In addition, there is no beef, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat or anything artificial. These things are all “red flags” in creating health problems for pets, including obesity, joint problems, skin and coat irritations and, worse, even more serious problems such as heart disease and cancers.

Pro Pac Ultimates is acclaimed worldwide as one of the best and “most natural” foods now available. Along with Earthborn Holistic, these are amongst the most “cutting edge” nutritional petfoods on the market.

Thank you for sticking with us in making the transition to these new and healthier foods. The response has certainly been fantastic.

To order either Pro Pac Ultimates or Earthborn Holistic Grain Free for your dog or cat in New Zealand visit Petfood Direct at