About Pro Pac’s Nutritional Research Team

A number of people have asked us about Pro Pac’s research team, articularly their Head Nutritionist, Dr George Collings.

Dr Collings is one of the most respected names in the petfood industry.
He received his Ph.D. in nutritional sciences from Michigan State University
and has been board certified by the American College of Animal Nutrition,
the American College of Nutrition and been elected into the American
Society of Nutrition. He has worked in the advancement of pet nutrition for
over thirty years working in lead roles with Nestle Purina (Ralston Purina),
Hills Pet Nutrition and others. He has designed hundreds of products and
has worked closely with the team at Pro Pac Pet Foods.

This is what Dr Collings has to say about Pro Pac:

“Pro Pac Super Premium pet foods offer a variety of nutritional options for the life stages and nutritional needs of pets. Built on a super-premium
platform of more concentrated and fortified nutrition, Pro Pac formulas are
highly palatable and digestible. Each Pro Pac formula uses high quality
meat protein meals (chicken meal, lamb meal, fish meal, etc.) along with
highly palatable fat sources. Moreover, Pro Pac formulas have fermentable
fibers to help build good stools; highly available forms of minerals for good
adsorption balance Omega fatty acids for immunity and skin & hair coat
plus critically balanced nutrient levels.

Pro Pac pet foods provide life stage versions for large and small breeds,
senior pets, high-performance pets and pets with special needs (sensitive,

lamb & rice, and low-fat in dogs plus hairball in cats). Pro Pac also
has highly palatable, nutritious treats to support the product line. It is a

complete line of pet foods in attractive packaging, but it is what is inside
that counts. The foods will perform and produce good results in multiple


The investment Pro Pac puts into the quality of the ingredients is one of the major reasons why Pro Pac is now the fastest growing superpremium petfood in the world. Having someone of the calibre of Dr Collings leading the development of the brand shows just how highly regarded Pro Pac is. We’re confident in saying you can hardly do better and that it represents the best quality and value of any food available.

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