Thank You and a Free Gift

It is two years ago this week that we first began to import Pro Pac into New Zealand!

When we first discovered Pro Pac and saw that it was the fastest growing petfood in the world and offered better quality and value than any other brand on the market we thought it would be a great product to offer local dog and cat owners. We were also surprised that it was not already available here given that:

  • Pro Pac is sold in 75 countries around the world
  • Pro Pac has been growing world wide at an average rate of 22% per year over the last fifteen years
  • Pro Pac has a deliberate policy of competing with the large brands by offering a higher grade of ingredients than most of the brands you buy at a pet shop or vet, yet at a much lower price

We knew it was a winner, yet we weren’t prepared for the politics of the pet industry here where lower grade foods are sold at high prices with large marketing costs built in.

When we originally approached the vets and pet shops we were amazed at the reaction:

One vet told us, “I can see Pro Pac is a better brand than anything I’m selling and at a better price, but (nameless) brand has paid for all my signwriting and they would be upset if I started selling yours.”

A pet shop owner said, “If you want me to sell Pro Pac you’ll have to take me out to dinner like all the other companies do.”

…and this isn’t the half of it…

This, combined with the surprising ignorance by vets and pet shop staff of the ingredients of what they are selling meant that we decided to go direct to you the customer by establishing Petfood Direct. (In saying that we do have two retailers who stock Pro Pac and are very enthusiastic, Orewa Vet and Mitre 10 Mega Albany)

It has worked extremely well and Pro Pac is growing massively here. And every week we get reports of how well dogs and cats are doing, and finally getting rid of such problems as scratching, itching, excess weight and other issues which simply shouldn’t be there and which can all be traced back to to the food.

So we just want to say “We hope you will try Pro Pac – if you haven’t already!” If you’re willing to look beyond the big brand hype and buy something where the ingredients speak for themselves in delivering the best possible nutrition for your pet, we are sure you won’t be dissapointed.

We also have a Special Offer for you…

Buy any 15kg bag of Pro Pac and receive a FREE Pro Pac backpack valued at $24 (this is what they look like:

We only have 25 of these to give away so be quick! Limit of 1 backpack per customer.

How to Slash Your Biggest Cost as a Dog or Cat Owner

Do you know what the biggest expense is for the average dog or cat owner? You might think it is food – but it’s actually vet bills. According to the American Pet Products Association, a typical pet owner will spend nearly three times more on going to the vet than they will on the food they feed. The figures here in New Zealand probably aren’t too different.

What is ironic is that many owners try to save money on pet food, without realizing the effect of the food on the pet’s health. Not only do supermarket foods (and those with filler ingredients) actually cost more because the amount you feed will be so much greater than a quality food, but the harmful ingredients of low-grade foods contribute directly to more visits to the vet.

No wonder leading veterinarian and author Dr Michael W Fox said, “It has taken me 20 years as a veterinary doctor to realize that 90% of health problems in dogs are due to their food.”

You only need to see how many “farm dogs” there around the country that have been fed bulk food all their lives that end up obese and with bad joints to know this is true.

So if you really want to save some money, buy a better food. Your dog or cat is going to be a lot healthier – and happier. Pro Pac combines only quality ingredients that provide real nutrition and optimum health for dogs and cats. There are no cheap fillers, by products or low quality meat sources. If you’re already usage Pro Pac I’m sure you’ll be seeing the difference.

How to Know How Much to Feed Your Dog

Something which is of great concern to many dog owners is knowing how much they should be feeding their pet for its best health and condition. And while every dog is different (just like every human) there are certain guidelines that can be followed that make things a lot easier.

Firstly, consider the quality of the food you are using. You will need to feed much less of a high quality food than a cheap supermarket or bulk food. This is simply because the quality of the ingredients is much higher and there won’t be much (if anything) in the way of ‘fillers’ which provide no nutritional benefit for the dog. It is actually a misconception that ‘cheap’ brands are in fact cheaper. In reality, most of them actually work out to be more expensive as you need to feed so much more.

Most petfood brands provide guidelines on the bag for how much to feed but these really are only a guideline. On the Petfood Direct website at we provide a feeding calculator; simply enter the weight of your dog and the selected formula and it will tell you the ideal amount to feed, again depending on the age and activity level of your pet.

Bear in mind that if you are feeding your dog other things (such as food scraps) you should cut down on the recommended daily quantity suggested on the dog food packaging.

Once you have a rough idea of how much you should be feeding on a daily basis, you should monitor the effects on your dog and adjust if necessary. As a general rule, always err on the low side in the amount you feed. Most dog owners feed their dog too much, and as a result have issues with obesity developing over time. It is far better to start with less food and increase the quantity if your dog starts to lose weight and condition. This is much easier to deal with than trying to reduce your dog’s weight.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t fret over your dog’s eating habits and the amount you feed. No dog ever starved from missing a meal or from being hungry. By monitoring the results the food has you will soon get a good idea of what is the best amount to feed your dog.

Cat food and other formulas now available again

Pro Pac cat food is now back in stock. Our apologies for any inconvenience; we were caught by surprise at how popular it was.

Some of the Pro Pac dog formulas we were out of are also back.

If you’re not familiar with the Pro Pac cat food (and if you have a cat!) it is extremely high quality. It is one of the very few foods on the market to contain lysine, a highly beneficial natural ingredient that aids bone growth and eyesight in cats. It is very high in meat and protein and cats love it!

As with the dog range there are no by-products or fillers and it has only natural ingredients. We also have samples available which can be ordered direct from the website or by giving us a call.