New Stock Arriving Shortly

Due to a delay in our shipment from the US we have been out of stock of a few lines. However, the good news is they will be back in stock in the next few days. Coming back into stock will be:

  • Adult Chunk 7.5kg
  • Adult Mini Chunk 15kg
  • Senior 7.5kg and 15kg
  • Lamb and Rice 3kg
  • Low Fat 7.5kg

We’ve also added Adult Mini Chunk 7.5kg

All other formulas remain in good supply.

If you’ve been waiting for these, thanks for your patience. Our Pro Pac sales are continuing to grow at a rapid rate. This, combined with the boat being delayed, has led to a temporary supply shortage.

Any of the above formulas can be ordered now and they will be sent out early next week. Of course the other formulas are all available now.

To order please either call us on 0800 364 366 or order directly from the website at

Can Pro Pac Help With Training Your Dog?

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and it’s only AFTER you get your dog that you realise how much work they can be. It can also be very frustrating when they don’t behave the way you want them to.

So what do you do? Well if you really want to have your dog under control and behaving they way you want ALL the time there’s something we recently discovered that is an amazing resource. It’s been used by more than 200,000 dog owners worldwide and, frankly, we were extremely impressed.

You can find out more about it here:

We’re thrilled with the way Pro Pac is starting to get recognized in New Zealand for the quality food that it is. Every week we hear from new customers and also receive great reports of how well dogs are doing on it.

Problems with your dog not coming when called?

A pretty common issue with dog owners is struggling to get their dog to come when called. Do you have that problem, at least sometimes?

Actually, it’s not that difficult to sort out, once you understand what’s going on in your dog’s head.

The real issue is that most people only call their dog when they want it do something THEY want, rather than what the dog wants. For instance, you call your dog because you want to tie it up, put it in the car, lock it inside – in general to stop what it is doing (which might be having fun) and doing something they don’t want to do. Pretty soon the dog associates coming to you with a lack of pleasure.

When you realise that, then all you have to do is to get your dog thinking that coming to you is pleasurable. So start calling it for no other reason than to reward it, with a pat, a cuddle or a treat (a few kibbles of Pro Pac makes a great treat).

Do this a few times. It won’t take long before your dog gets the message that it’s going to get rewarded for coming to you, not just ‘punished’.

We tried this recently with a dog we were looking after and it worked a ‘treat’.

Try it!

Why is Pro Pac Cheaper than Eukanuba/Hills/Nutro, etc?

A lot of people still don’t seem to realize that Pro Pac is a HIGHER QUALITY petfood than Eukanuba, Hills Science, Royal Canin or Pro Plan.

It’s not our opinion – it’s evident just by comparing the ingredients and is acknowledged by pet nutritionists worldwide.

Feeding a better food to your pet means fewer health problems, better skin, muscle tone and joints and greater energy. The food goes a lot further too – you need to feed a lot less because there aren’t the fillers bulking up the food.

But if it is higher quality, why is it so much cheaper?

Here’s a typical price comparison of a 15kg bag of Adult dog formula:

Eukanuba $129.90 (2 Star Rating –

Hills Science Diet $136.00 (2 Star Rating)

Pro Plan $139.90 (2 Star Rating)

Royal Canin $128.95 (3 Star Rating)

Pro Pac $112.40 (3.5 Star Rating)

Better quality and so much cheaper?

There are a couple of reasons why:

  • You’re not paying for TV ads, signs on vet or pet shop walls or other “marketing.”Pro Pac has made a deliberate policy of spreading their name worldwide largely by word of mouth, rather than expensive advertising.

It’s certainly working because the company is growing by 25% per year, and has done over the last decade.

  • We are the importers and you’re buying directly from us. We don’t spend a lot on marketing either – because we’ve also found that word-of-mouth is by far the best form of advertising.

So if you’ve wondered, these are the reasons why you’re stepping up in quality yet down in price with Pro Pac.

Please help us spread the word! If you have any friends with dogs or cats we’d really appreciate you telling them about Pro Pac – and how they can have a healthier pet while actually saving money.